Bingo VariationsBingo has been around for centuries and inevitably there have been some changes in the way that the game is played along the way. As the game developed through the years, different types of bingo were created. This has led to a number of DIFFERENT BINGO VARIATIONS being available for present day players.

Types of Bingo

UK 90 Ball Bingo90 ball bingo is the most common version of the game played in the UK, and therefore one of the most popular. Game cards consist of a grid of three rows by nine columns, and there are 15 random numbers within these squares. Some squares are left blank, and these are automatically considered a completed square.

There are usually three prizes up for grabs – one for completing a single horizontal line, one for completing two lines and one for completing a full house. Due to its high popularity, there are usually more players per game than some of the other variations, and therefore more ticket price options and the chance to win higher jackpots.

US 75 Ball Bingo75 ball bingo is considered the other standard version of the game due to its popularity in the US. Cards are made up of a five by five grid, with numbers in every square except the centre which is crossed off automatically. Prizes are awarded for completing one or more lines, or a full house. This version of the game is also most commonly used for pattern bingo games.

As with 90 ball bingo, there is usually a high number of players for each game, so there is usually the chance to win bigger jackpots. As players can win a prize for any number of completed lines, there is also more chances to win per game.

80 Ball BingoAlthough 80 ball bingo is less well-known that the 90 and 75 ball versions, it has been around for a number of years. It was originally used to fill breaks in live halls, and players would close shutters over the numbers as they were called out instead of crossing them off a card. This led to this version being known as “Shutter Bingo”.

80 ball bingo is played on a card with a four by four grid, with every square is filled with a number. There are usually a variety of ways to win, as prizes are given for crossing off one or more lines which can be completed in any direction, four corners, four central squares or a full house.

 50 ball bingo card50 ball bingo is much faster bingo that any of the regular 75 or 90 ball bingo games. The tickets used for 50 ball bingo are similar to 90 ball bingo tickets. The numbers on each ticket are arranged in two rows of 5 numbers each. In order to win you have to either fill any of the rows of the ticket – single line. Or to have market all the numbers on the ticket – full house (or house of bingo).

Usually 50% of the prize is allocated to bingo player that is first to fill single line and the remaining 50% goes to player who is first to mark full house. Some bingo sites even offer bingo jackpots as high as £1,000.

30 Ball Bingo VariationNot so known 30 ball bingo has not been around as long as the more common varieties above, but is becoming more and more popular with those who have limited time to play. It is also known as “Speed Bingo” as it can be played much faster than standard versions of the game.

Cards consists of a three by three grid with numbers in every square. There is only one chance to win, and this is by crossing off all the numbers on the card.

Themed Bingo

Deal or No Deal BingoFor fans of some of TV’s biggest shows, there are even bingo games that incorporate TV themes. Some of the most common TV bingo variations include Deal or No Deal, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Coronation Street. These often include an increased chance of winning prizes by including more interactive features, such as the chance to play additional mini games if you purchase a set number of cards, or even the chance to play against the Banker in Deal or No Deal.