Bingo PatternsIn order to win a prize during a game of bingo, players need to cross off numbers in at least one bingo pattern. The most common patterns that can be found in the majority of games are one line, two lines or full house. However, some variations of the game also give players the chance to win if they complete a more unusual shape.

Types of bingo games with and their winning patterns

75 Bingo PatternThe standard 90 ball bingo game usually only gives prizes for completing one or two lines and a full house. However, the 75 ball bingo card provides the MOST VERSATILITY for accommodating a variety of different patterns. Some alternative patterns include letters, four corners or blocks of four, six, eight or nine. Some games even offer prizes for completing a more unconventional design, such as the Champagne Glass or Airplane. Whichever pattern you need to complete for a particular game, the rules are generally the same in that numbers are drawn at random and need to be crossed off your card until the desired pattern has been completed.

Static and rotatable patterns

Crazy H Bingo PatternIn bingo, there are not only a huge variety of shapes that may be incorporated into each game, but there are also different ways that you can cross these shapes off your card. Some patterns are static, such as the Four Corners or Letter X, which means that they will always look the same when completed on your card. However, some shapes are rotatable or can be completed anywhere on the card. These are known as “any way” patterns and include shapes such as blocks of different numbers or Crazy H (this means the H can be either the right way up or on its side).

Various Bingo Patterns Games

Corner PatternSome patterns offer players more chances to win than others. For example, static shapes such as the Four Corners only give players one chance to win, whereas rotable or “any way” shapes give players more chances to win as the pattern can start with any number on the card. Some of the patterns that provide the most chances of winning include Blocks of 4 or 8, which can be completed in 16 different ways, or Any Two Lines, which can be completed in 78 different ways.

The time it takes to play a game until a specific shape is completed by one player also varies according to the pattern. If you take a look at the statistics based on a game with 500 unique cards in play, a game that needs the Four Corners pattern to win takes an average of 18.77 number draws to produce a winner, whereas the Crazy H takes an average of 44.07 calls.

Based on the same statistics, it would appear that the harder a pattern is to complete, the more likely it is that there will only be one winner. Taking the Four Corner and Crazy H examples above, the first pattern gets an average of 1.42 winners per game with a 71.48% chance of just one winner claiming the prize. However, the Crazy H produces an average of 1.21 winners which means that there is an 83.78% chance of a single winner.

Whether you are playing just for the enjoyment of the game or to try your odds at winning, various bingo pattern games are a great way to put a bit of variety into your bingo playing and ensure there is always a new way to play.